Road Dogg Reveals AJ Styles Theme Song Was Created For Someone Else (VIDEO)

road dogg aj styles theme song video table for three

If you’ve ever jammed to A.J. Styles‘ theme while trying to bench 135 pounds at the gym and wondered what the heck the lyrics have to do with “The Phenomenal One,” there’s a reason for that.

During an episode of Table 3 that premiered last night on the WWE Network, Road Dogg revealed the song was initially developed for James Storm when it seemed like he’d be signing with NXT.

As we first reported, Storm turned down the offer and returned to Impact Wrestling.

“James passed and went in a different direction,” said Dogg  – who now serves as a backstage producer. AJ was next in line for the entrance theme though … and the rest is history.

Check out the clip featuring Dogg, Jeff Jarrett, and Elias below.