Rikishi’s Wrestling School Launches Interactive Wrestling Show on Twitch (VIDEO)

rikishi wrestling school twitch interactive video

Ex-WWE wrestler Rikishi launched a new series on Twitch today featuring wrestlers from his training school taking directions from people on the internet — and it’s pretty wacky.

The show is called Live Interactive Wrestling and is a take on the Twitch Plays style of gaming.

To those unfamiliar, that means viewers have the ability to dictate the “players” action in the game by typing in the chat room and things get pretty chaotic.

The press release explains, “You call it–We execute it! No more screaming at the TV or the computer without being heard. Yes, we can see all your posts live on Twitch chat and the wrestlers will respond from the squared circle.  If you can’t take it, don’t dish it.  You can also help your favorite wrestler win his or her match multiple times a week LIVE.”

For a betetre idea, check out a clip from today’s below or watch the FULL EPISODE HERE.

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