Riff Raff — Distracts Kurt Angle at UR Fight Event, Helping Rey Mysterio Win (VIDEO)

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If Riff Raff ever wanted to change careers and become a wrestling manager, now is his time — because Sunday night the rapper helped Rey Mysterio win a match.

Wearing a jacket Jimmy Hart would be proud of, Riff Raff got involved in the finish of Angle/Mysterio when he hopped up on the ring apron and pulled a chair out of Kurt’s hand.

Rey picked up the victory moments later in their 2 out of 3 falls match.

The event also featured Roy Jones Jr. defeating a fan picked opponent via KO. Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping in a grappling match (no submissions) was ruled a draw after 15 minutes.

3 Comments on "Riff Raff — Distracts Kurt Angle at UR Fight Event, Helping Rey Mysterio Win (VIDEO)"

  1. I was listening to Konnan & Court Bauer on MLW. To talk about the Angle & Rey match with Riff Raff. Konnan who was there at the event said, Angle legit punched Riff Raff in the face when he got involved & it wasn’t planned for Riff Raff to get involved in the match.

  2. I listen to the same MLW podcast, I believe what he said is that the spot was planned but Riff Raff missed his time cue and totally messed the spot up, Angle got hot at him at punched him legit so that he would get off the apron because he had been there too long. Actually, as an MLW VIP subscriber, MLW is where I heard about this site when Ryan Satin was on one of the shows and talking about the site.

  3. Riff Raff, stop ruining all the things I love.

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