Matt Riddle Explains Why He Wore Different Trunks During NXT Live Event Debut

matt riddle trunks gear nxt wwe change interview

If you’re wondering why Matt Riddle wore different trunks during his recent NXT live event debut, the answer you seek has arrived — as he explained the change during a new interview.

Riddle was a guest Monday on a radio show called “The Main Event” and talked about how he didn’t think it would be right to wear the MMA-style trunks he wore on the indies adorned with sponsor logos until WWE signs off on it, so he wore multi-colored trunks which he borrowed from his wife.

For what it’s worth — Riddle still walked to the ring wearing a jacket that featured the logo of his sponsor SPLX and it was shown in the footage WWE shared on social media/YouTube. 

The host of the broadcast also asked the rising star which superstars Matt is eager to square off against in WWE.  Riddle named Cesaro as his dream opponent, proclaiming that the two of them could have a “sensational” match against one another.

Matt Riddle is very confident in his WWE future as well, expressing “I feel with the right opportunity I can go as far as I want.”

CLICK HERE to listen to the full interview.