Ricochet Reacts to United States Title Win and Post-Match Hug From Triple H

ricochet united states title stomping grounds samoa joe

Ricochet won the United States Championship at Stomping Grounds and afterward he talked about what it meant to him, as well as the post-match hug from Triple H.

The new champ told Sarah Schrieber in an interview that winning the belt was “unbelievable” and he’s happy to have seized the moment to capture his first title in WWE.

As for the post-match hug (and support from the locker room), Ricochet stated: “Moments like that are what I’ve been dreaming of. So, to have something like that, it’s an incredible feeling.”

In case you missed it, Ricochet won the match after landing a 630 splash on Samoa Joe. 

Watch the full interview below.