Ricochet Not Injured, Missed Live Event as Precaution

ricochet nxt takeover injury update

NXT TakeOver: Chicago is still set to feature Ricochet vs. Velveteen Dream, despite fear of the high-flying wrestling being injured after he was absent from a live event.

For those who missed it, a video surfaced on social media this week showing Ricochet land on the entrance ramp after his opponent dodged an outside dive. The next day he was absent from a live event, leading many to fear he was injured. 

Triple H, thankfully, provided an update on the wrestler during a media call to promote NXT TakeOver: Chicago and reported good news: 

“He just tweaked himself a little bit at the show in Paris. He’s not injured, we just didn’t want to take a chance with it, with Takeover being just down the road a bit here. The one thing with athletes across the board from any sport, and especially these guys that are thoroughbreds and girls, somebody has to pull the reigns on them and tell them ‘let’s back off today.'”

Listen to the full media call (cued up to this moment) below.