Lucha Underground Star Ricochet – ‘I Will NOT Be in the Global Cruiserweight Tournament’

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Former Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma aka Ricochet will NOT be part of WWE’s Global Cruiserweight Series … if a tweet from the man himself is to be believed.

Rumors began swirling last week in regards to Ricochet’s possible inclusion in the upcoming tournament, but the former IWGP tag champion was quick to shoot them down Sunday night.

Ricochet tweeted, “Okay, guys listen. I will NOT be in the Global Cruiserweight Tournament. One reason, I’ll be in Japan winning BOSJ. Again.”

As we previously reported, the standout wrestler was only signed to a 3-season deal with Lucha Underground — but it’s unclear if he’s free to work elsewhere once filming wraps in May or if he has to wait until the episodes finish airing on television.

During the recent NXT Takeover media conference call, Triple H announced the first batch of names for the tournament. With names like Zack Sabre Jr. and Akira Tozawa competing, it became obvious that WWE is clearly committed to bringing in the world’s top independent talent.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what else Triple H has hidden up his sleeve.