Ric Flair Shares Video Update, Says It’s Once Again a Miracle He’s Alive

ric flair video health scare miracle

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair has updated his fans saying he’s better than ever in a new video, but states it’s once again a miracle he’s alive.

Flair posted a video on YouTube titled “Back in Action: Part One” in which he begins by thanking everyone for their support. He then explains that he had tubes down his throat for four days so his voice is sore.

Ric continued, “First of all, thank you … to my beautiful family, to all my friends, to all the doctors, nurses, everybody that brought me back again. It’s a miracle again!” 

The 70-year-old then claimed his recent trip to the hospital was a 1.8 million dollar tuneup and added, “thank God for insurance!”

“But it’s ok, because I lived,” Flair exclaimed. “And I’m living here to tell you that the kiss-stealing, wheeling and dealing, limousine riding, jet-flying, son of a gun is not gonna change, slow down, I’m gonna move forward. I got autographs to sign. Commercials to make. Pictures to take. Friends to have a cold beer with. And I mean two cold beers if it’s Stone Cold. Do you understand that?!”

As you may recall, Ric Flair said he was attempting to quit alcohol in ’17 after his first medical scare.

Flair angrily explains at two different points that he knows who wasn’t there for him during his recent trip to the hospital and he plans to address this in a second video. 

The WWE Hall of Famer also talks negatively about Richard Fliehr, his real name, but notes that Ric Flair became “The Man.” 

“I’m never gonna get old,” Flair yelled after explaining his pop culture influence. “I don’t care how many doctors tell me ‘you’ve got to learn to grow up’ … I’m not gonna act like my age. DON’T EVER TELL ME THAT! I’m paying you to make me better so that I can be me! That’s me. And that’s all I’m ever gonna be.”

Watch the video below.