Ric Flair Releases Scathing Video About Ex-Agent Who Allegedly Stole His Money

ric flair manager money embezzled video trademarks

Ric Flair shared a new video on Monday in which he doesn’t mince words about his ex-agent embezzling money from him while thinking he was going to die.

In the video, Flair alleges Melinda Morris Zanoni ignored six requests to renew his multiple trademarks and they would have been abandoned without the help of WWE. 

He also claims that she stole money from him during his medical scare.

“Let’s just start with the fact that she stole money from me,” the wrestling legend exclaimed. “She actually embezzled money from me — it’s documented, I got the records, and I’ve talked to an attorney prior to making this video.”

Ric sued Zanoni’s Legacy Talent in 2017 claiming they took $46,000 in earnings from him for the episode of ESPN’s 30 for 30 that he was the subject of. His lawyer also sent a legal letter to the company last year asking them to remove an endorsement from their site claiming to have been written by Flair.

Ric Flair talks in the video about how it’s human nature to want to trust others, and in this case he was taken advantage of by someone he’s been friends with for twenty-years. 

He also claims the manager called his wife from a blocked number saying not to “f*ck” with her. After that, he hired another lawyer in an attempt to retrieve his money. Flair then reprimands her for stealing his money and putting out incorrect social media information when he was sick. 

“Melinda, I don’t know how you live with yourself,” he added. “20 years friendship, 10 years my agent. Not a text, you didn’t drive down to the hospital. You just didn’t give a sh*t. And you assumed I was gonna die, like a lot of people did. And you just grabbed all the money you could run with.”

Watch the video below.