WATCH: Rhyno Says He’s NOT Retiring After Being “Fired” on Raw

rhyno not retiring video response

He may have been “fired” last week on Raw, but Rhyno is making one thing clear — he’s not retired. shared an exclusive video of Rhyno tonight in which he states, “I just want to clear up a rumor that I’ve seen going on for about a week now on Twitter about me retiring.”

“I am not retired,” he continued. “I am not retiring. I had no plans on retiring.”

In case you missed it, Heath Slater defeated the ECW legend last week to keep his own job on Raw. He was then told he’d become a referee, which played out on tonight’s show as Slater reluctantly helped with Baron Corbin’s agenda in two matches.

Rhyno says he’ll be fulfilling his “contractual obligations” to wrestle at upcoming live events in December/January and “after that I don’t know.”

Watch the video below.