Rhyno “Fired” From Monday Night Raw

rhyno fired raw heath slater

After wrestling Heath Slater for his job on Monday Night Raw, Rhyno now seems to be a free agent. 

The match came about after Raw General Manager elect Baron Corbin crunched the numbers and determined he couldn’t keep both wrestlers on the show. He then forced the first-ever Smackdown Tag Team Champions to face-off, with the winner getting to keep their job.

After hitting a jumping neckbreaker, Slater pinned Rhyno and sent the ECW original packing.

Things weren’t all positive for “The One Man Band” though. After getting back behind the curtain, Baron Corbin informed Heath that he wouldn’t be continuing as a wrestler … he’ll now be a referee.

No word yet on whether Rhyno is merely switching brands or if this was WWE writing off the over 20-year veteran from television. We’ll keep you updated as additional information becomes available.

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6 Comments on "Rhyno “Fired” From Monday Night Raw"

  1. Put Rhyno back on NXT. He could help.

    • Scratch that. Rhyno officially retired from wrestling:

      “Rhyno announced his in-ring retirement after being “fired” by Baron Corbin on Raw. Wrestling Inc reports that the WWE and ECW veteran announced his retirement to the live audience during a commercial break after his loss to Heath Slater on Raw.

      Slater and Rhyno were forced to face off in a match on the show by Baron Corbin, with the stipulation being that the loser would be fired. Slater won the match and kept his job, only to have Corbin say he would be staying on Raw only as a referee. Video of that segment is below.

      Assuming the retirement is legitimate, Rhyno ends a twenty-plus-year career that included memorable runs in WWE and ECW, as well as a stint in TNA. He won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship and TV Championships, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship under TNA and the WWF Hardcore Championship, WCW United States Championship, and WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship with Heath Slater.”

      – 411 Mania 12/3/2018

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