The Rhodes Brothers Say They Have an Advantage Over The Young Bucks (VIDEO)

cody rhodes dustin rhodes aew fight for the fallen young bucks

The Rhodes Brothers are ready to team again this weekend at Fight for the Fallen, and Cody believes they have an advantage over their opponents. 

The latest episode of Road to Fight for the Fallen ends with Cody and Dustin Rhodes hyping their upcoming match against The Young Bucks.

During the segment, Cody talks about AEW’s upper brass going to dinner with TNT executives recently and how the topics of The Brotherhood’s matches being well-reviewed was brought up. Kenny Omega seemed to be surprised by this fact, which rubbed Rhodes the wrong way. 

“I thought, ‘this is the same guy who thinks Taka Michinoku is a legend, but he doesn’t know about The Brotherhood. He doesn’t know about Dustin and I,’ Cody explained. 

Dustin reacted to this exclaiming, “We were the first team to beat The Shield. So they weren’t watching that?! They didn’t see that? Or is that just bullsh*t?”

Cody replied to his brother and implied that Kenny/The Bucks were maybe just pretending to not be watching, even though he was watching everything they were all doing. 

“I think me being so familiar with them, they’re at a complete disadvantage because they seem to be unfamiliar with us,” Cody added. 

Watch the full video below and tell us in the comments which team you think is going to win.