Rey Mysterio — My Son is Starting the Process to Become a Wrestler (AUDIO)

rey mysterio son wrestling training lucha underground wwe dominic wrestler

Who’s that jumping out the sky? According to Lucha Underground star Rey Mysterio, it could be his son Dominic in the near future … because he’ll soon begin training to wrestle.

Mysterio appeared with his son on Keepin’ it 100 with Konnan this week and the duo talked about how he’ll start teaching Dominic in January, once the college student’s body is in the right shape.

“Come January, I’m gonna get him in the ring and see how his reflexes are as soon as he steps into the ring.” Mysterio explains, “See what he can do, what he cannot do … and then go from there. And Konnan, I think he’s gonna be a apart of this once I get him in there.”

For those who don’t remember, Dominic appeared on WWE TV in 2005 during a memorable angle that featured Eddie Guerrero claiming he was actually the child’s father.

Make sure to check out THE FULL EPISODE of Keepin’ it 100 this week. The show is a special on Eddie and includes Rey, Konnan and Vickie Guerrero opening up about the deceased wrestler.

For now, listen to the clip on Dominic’s plans below.