WATCH: Rey Mysterio Loses “Eye for an Eye” Match at Extreme Rules

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The “Eye for an Eye” match at Extreme Rules ended with Rey Mysterio “losing an eye.”

The match took place inside of the Performance Center and began with Seth Rollins bringing pliers with him to the ring. Before he could use them though, Mysterio ambushed him from behind.

There was also a big toolbox under the ring with additional items that were used.

Near the end of things, Rey shoved Seth’s eye into the ring steps for some revenge … but it didn’t end the match. Seth did the same to Rey moments later and Mysterio began to cry out about his eye. The match was then called off as the ref could be heard saying Rey’s eye was out of its socket.

You could also see a prosthetic eye being shown for a split second.

Seth watched on in horror and ultimately ended up vomiting.

Check out the video below.