Revamped PROGRESS Wrestling To Premiere On WWE Network

After a period of pandemic-induced dormancy, UK “indie” promotion PROGRESS is returning, and its first show back will air on the WWE Network!

The big news was broken by TalkSport and later confirmed on WWE and PROGRESS social media channels on Saturday.

The first show will be Chapter 104: Natural Progression, and it will premiere simultaneously on WWE Network and PROGRESS’S streaming service Demand PROGRESS at 3pm ET / 8pm GMT on Saturday 20th February.

The revamped PROGRESS will feature a new host in UK indie star Roy Johnson, and a new commentary team of Hustle Malone and Charles Crowley.

As you may recall, a wave of credible sexual assault allegations that became known as the #SpeakingOut movement has rocked the the UK wrestling scene over the last 12 months. Several of the wrestlers who were accused of assault performed on PROGRESS shows with some regularity.

As we previously reported, NXT UK wrestler Jordan Devlin and former NXT UK wrestler Travis Banks were suspended by PROGRESS Wrestling due to claims made against them on social media. Other wrestlers on the NXT UK brand had allegations brought against them as well.

TalkSport reports that the PROGRESS relaunch will implement new measures to protect all of its fans and talent.