WATCH: RETRIBUTION Goes Wild on SmackDown, Uses Chainsaw to Destroy Ring Ropes

retribution appear smackdown chainsaw chaos destroy ring video

WWE’s mysterious new faction RETRIBUTION created more chaos on SmackDown this week and even used a chainsaw during their wild appearance.

Tonight’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown ended with the black hoodie-wearing group, who were first introduced Monday on Raw, making their presence felt during a backstage pull-apart between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville by turning out the lights.

The group stormed the ring with lead pipes/bats in theirs hands after and ran off the announce team, as well as the camera crew. They then beat up trainees in the crowd, destroyed the announce desk, spray painted the plexiglass barriers and pulled out a chainsaw, which they used to cut the ring ropes.

The members of the group did not reveal their faces during the segment, but were very vocal. 

Watch how it all went down below.