Reby Hardy Says “Shame on Everyone in That Goddamn Building” For Reaction to ‘All Out’ Spot Gone Wrong

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Reby Hardy criticized the people at All Elite Wrestling for allowing her husband to continue wrestling after a spot gone wrong at All Out. 

As we previously reported, Matt was taken to the hospital tonight after he and Sammy Guevara overshot a table spot during their Broken Rules match. The duo launched off a high platform during a spear spot causing Hardy to hit his back and head on concrete.

Not long after … Reby tweeted a photo of a text conversation between she and Matt prior to and after the match, where he wasn’t responding.

“Let me be absolutely f*cking clear. There is NOTHING entertaining about a concussion. Shame on everyone in that goddamn building,” she tweeted alongside the photo.

The commentary team clarified during the broadcast that Matt was allowed to continue the match because he told the doctor he was ok, despite clearly hitting his head and being barely able to walk. Then, a little while later, AEW gave a new update saying they misspoke the first time. They claimed Dr. Sampson DID examine Matt before he allowed the wrestler to restart the match and said they would never just take the performers word for it.

AEW President Tony Khan will be taking part in a call with the media after tonight’s show. We’ll report back if he addresses this situation during the presser.

UPDATE: Here’s what Khan had to say on the matter during the presser.