Former Impact Wrestler Rebel is Feuding With a Bollywood Actress in India (VIDEOS)

rebel india Rakhi Sawant

Ex-Impact Wrestling star Rebel bodyslammed a controversial Bollywood actress this weekend in India — and now the actress is going all out to hype their feud.

It all went down at a CWE event in Haryana where Rebel hit Rakhi Sawant with a bodyslam, then danced over her body. Sawant acted as if she could barely stand in the ring afterward before being helped to the backstage area.

Local reports claim the actress was hospitalized, and the next day she began sharing videos on social media calling the former Impact wrestler out.

“She is Rebel who has intentionally harmed me,” Rakhi captioned multiple Instagram posts displaying how injured she claims to be. “She took money from [Tanushree Dutta] and tried to injured my back so that I can never dance again or entertain my fans.”

Sawant recently sued Dutta for defamation, according to reports.

The actress is seen being helped into a wheel chair in one of the video she posted on Instagram, as well as another of The Great Khali paying her a visit. She also did a news interview from bed. 

Rebel commented on the news coverage saying, “My name is Rebel! India will know my name!”

Watch all the videos below.