Former WWE Writer Pokes Fun at His Exit with Video Announcing Wrestling Return

rd evans video wwe exit writer orange cassidy

R.D. Evans — who made his WWE departure earlier this month following the Hall of Fame ceremony — shared a video poking fun of his exit from the company.

As we previously reported, Evans was reprimanded for allowing Bret Hart to say Vince McMahon’s name during his Hall of Fame speech and it led to the former wrestler quitting.

In the video below, Evans jokes about this as he’s being pushed out of the building while saying “you can’t fire me, I quit!” He then tries to mutter Vince McMahon’s name but it’s bleeped out. 

R.D. makes a sign out of the box he’s holding which says “will wrestle 4 food,” but quickly realizes this isn’t what he wants to do and changes the sign to say “will wrestle Orange Cassidy 4 food.”

“Man, Road Dogg is gonna hate this match,” he says before the video ends showing his new logo and nickname “The Quitman.”

Watch and enjoy footage below.