Raven — Kanyon’s Death Made Me Realize Suicide Is Sometimes ‘The Only Option’ (AUDIO)

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Former WCW and WWE star Raven says the death of his friend Kanyon made him change his opinion on suicide … because he now believes that sometimes it’s “the only option.”

During the inaugural episode of The Raven Effect podcast, the wrestler touched on Kanyon’s death and said prior to that happening he felt like suicide was a cheap way out.

He explains, “But, knowing Kanyon, he was so unbelievably sad that there was nothing that could ever have fixed that. And, after that, I came to realize that suicide sometimes is the only option.”

Chris Kanyon died of an apparent overdose in 2010. The wrestler was found at his apartment in New York and according to reports there were anti-depressants and a note to his family by his side.

Raven and his co-host Johnny Swinger talk about Kanyon in further detail on their new show which can be FOUND HERE. Check out the audio clip below.