Randy Orton — Stapled Shut By Doctors, Following Bloody Bout with Brock Lesnar (VIDEO)

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WWE Superstar Randy Orton suffered a nasty gash to the head last night during his SummerSlam match against Brock Lesnar … and he ended up with close to a dozen staples for his trouble.

WWE posted a statement on Orton’s condition last night saying, “WWE.com has learned that Randy Orton has received 10 staples to close a laceration on his forehead following the brutal assault by Brock Lesnar that resulted in a TKO at SummerSlam.”

In case you missed it, the match between the two wrestlers ended after The Viper’s head was bashed open and he began to bleed profusely all over the ring.

There’s been no indication that Orton will miss any ring time due to the injury.

CLICK HERE to see a full gallery of photos featuring Randy getting stapled. Warning: They’re brutal.

3 Comments on "Randy Orton — Stapled Shut By Doctors, Following Bloody Bout with Brock Lesnar (VIDEO)"

  1. Nobody thought to mention that Randy bladed himself? Go back and watch Randy cut his head. It was a bad cut indeed. Im still a Randy fan but damn what a cut!

  2. I think the whole WWE Universe, public, etc., should know about the punishment given to Brock Lesnar, after what HE did to Randy Orton. Does the public agree with me???

  3. WTF?!
    How come the majority wanted to see this stupid WEAKASS cowardice SUCKFEST loserish behavior happening in WWE?
    I DON’T!!!
    And I’m going to either make and/or buy cards and send out some.
    I HAD ENOUGH OF the meanness, petty, backstabbing, bullying, FUCKED up idiocy and cowardice and CRAP happening in WWE and I am going to do something to help!!!

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