Randy Orton Ends Association with Ric Flair Via Punt Kick (in the Dark)

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Randy Orton ended his association with Ric Flair this week on Raw by hitting his mentor with a punt kick (in the dark).

After defeating Kevin Owens in the main event, Orton told Flair to stay in the ring for something after the commercial break. When the show returned, Randy talked about how he had every reason to be mad at Flair but couldn’t do it.

He then said he loves Ric, but doesn’t respect him anymore because Flair is a liability to his career and everything he’s trying to get done.

Orton also called Ric a junkie for the spotlight who is washed up. Flair watched on in silence before finally telling Randy he took everything he said very seriously. He additionally admitted to loving the spotlight because he’s still able to be on Raw at his age.

Flair went on cut an emotional promo about how he felt when he almost died last year and Orton hugged him afterward. He then whispered something in his ear and hit Ric with a lowblow before he could leave the ring.  Orton cradled Ric as he fell to the ground, whispered more into his ear, then started to prepare to nail the 71-year-old with a running punt kick. As he did though, the lights went out due to RETRIBUTION messing with the show. 

When they came back on, Flair was down on the ground as if he’d been hit with a punt kick in the darkness. Drew McIntyre ran Orton off afterward as the show came to a close.

Watch the show-closing angle below.