Nikki Bella — Docs Say Rack Attack Caused Injury, Months Away From Return

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WWE Diva Nikki Bella is months away from returning to the ring … Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned — and we’re told she may have hit her last “Rack Attack,” because docs say it caused the injury.

Sources close to Nikki tell us the former Divas Champion went to see a neurologist Tuesday following her appearance on RAW and doctors said the bulging discs in her neck haven’t gone down.

We’re told she’s been instructed to continue rehab for 7 more weeks before getting another MRI — and if no progress has been made, Nikki will be forced to discuss surgery options.

Our sources tell us the cause of Nikki Bella’s injury was her repeated use of “The Rack Attack” finisher, and the neurologist was shocked to learn she had been doing it 5 nights a week.  As of now, doctors say she may have to stop using the move upon her return.