R-Truth Films Pre-Shoulder Surgery Livestream From the Hospital (VIDEO)

r-truth shoulder surgery wwe livestream

Getting surgery is a scary process for most people, but not R-Truth … as evidenced by the livestream he recorded today while preparing to go under the knife.

Truth kicked off the livestream by showing off his hair net and revealing he was about to get operated on, then an anesthesiologist came in the room to go over things.

As for the nature of his injury, R-Truth says he’s got a bone sticking out of his shoulder due to a previous surgery. However, he’s unsure if the bone is connected to anything at the moment.

The 45-year-old wrestler also let it be known he doesn’t go down easily and usually films the whole process in an attempt to prove that doctors can’t put him under — which always fails.

::fingers crossed he posts that video once he’s awake again::

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