R-Truth Talks About Need For Police Reform and Speaking at Charlotte Protest

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R-Truth is using his platform for good, speaking at a protest in Charlotte over the weekend and calling for structural law enforcement changes this morning on “The Bump.”

During the appearance, Truth confirmed he spoke in North Carolina and explained why it took him a while to make any kind of statement.

“I didn’t say anything for a while because I was letting the streets talk. Everything that needed to be said was being said, was being done,” he said. “Nobody wants to hear what a celebrity wants to say right now when there’s so much seriousness going on. My support can say a lot more than anything my mouth and tongue can ever spit out.”

The reigning 24/7 champion also argued that it’s not about casting aspersions against an entire group. “We have good people and bad people. That’s in any line of work. From the rooter to the tooter. I don’t care if you’re delivering mail, I don’t care if you’re an essential worker, I don’t care if you’re a grocery store whatever, we have good and bad people. That goes for the cops, man. We have good and bad cops,” Truth stated.

When it comes to law enforcement, however, Truth contends that there’s no room for parity. “There are certain jobs that we can’t afford to have bad apples in,” he said. “We just need to revamp everything, man. You just need to self check yourself. Let’s adapt and move on and get along.”

Truth is additionally doing his part to get the word out about voting rights, as he revealed a local councilman in Charlotte gave him the inspiration to record a song encouraging young people to vote. Truth said he was misinformed about his own voting rights for a long time because of his criminal background, so now he’s educating the masses.

Watch the appearance below.

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