Writer R.D. Evans Talks About WWE Departure (AUDIO)

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Former WWE writer R.D. Evans, who made his exit from the company this year during WrestleMania weekend, spoke about his departure on a recent podcast.

Evans was a guest on last week’s episode of the Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know podcast and in the final minutes the topic of his WWE exit came up.

As you may recall, R.D. had reportedly been fired due to Bret Hart saying Vince McMahon’s name during his WWE Hall of Fame speech. However, Evans shot that down claiming he quit. 

During the conversation with Jimmy Jacobs, R.D. Evans elaborated on this saying he never intended to be the center of a debate over whether he did or didn’t quit. He only commented after the reports came out to make a joke of the situation.

“For what it’s worth, as I do pride myself on telling the truth and not being a liar, I did quit,” Evans added. “And it was not a case of ‘you can’t fire me, I quit.'” 

The writer/wrestler says he had already been on the brink of quitting and crafted a resignation letter prior to the Hall of Fame ceremony, which he hadn’t turned in yet. 

“Given what happened at the Hall of Fame, I could have been fired. I would never deny that,” he continued. “It wasn’t about to happen imminently, it would never happen in the circumstance. It is a publicly traded company. If I was going to be fired, it would have to go through HR. It would have to be done in a proper way.”

He then explained how the firing wouldn’t have happened until the following week, if at all. 

“I only want to clarify that I did not get fired and that I DID quit, so that people don’t think I’m a liar,” Evans concluded. 

Listen to the full conversation below.