PWG Announces Venue Change For Upcoming Event, PayPal Errors to Blame

pwg pro wrestling guerrilla venue change globe theater

PWG‘s upcoming event will be taking place outside of its longtime venue in Reseda due to a PayPal error causing the company to oversell tickets.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla tweeted on Wednesday evening saying, “Due to an error with PayPal, front row and general admission tickets oversold for Time Is a Flat Circle. Rather than refund everyone, the show will be moving to a bigger venue to accommodate everyone.”

The show will now take place at The Globe Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, which has the capacity to hold over 1,700 people — a big change from the Legion Hall setting PWG has become known for.

Company officials added, “If you bought a front row or general admission ticket that came through after the set limit in PayPal, you will be receiving an email soon with some options regarding your tickets. Please check the email that is attached to your PayPal account.”

Photos of the new venue can be seen below.

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