Promotion Apologizes For Wrestler Pulling Knife on Talent Without Consent

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An indie promotion in Indiana has issued an apology over a wrestler going off script during a recent show and holding a knife to the neck of another performer without prior consent. 

Independent wrestler Cole Radrick tweeted saying he was cutting a promo in the ring at a Paradigm Pro Wrestling event in Jeffersonville, Indiana on October 25 when another wrestler named Hy Zaya accosted him with a knife.

“Last Friday, I had a knife pulled on me and held to my neck in the ring mid-promo in a situation I had no prior knowledge or approval of by a wrestler that was intoxicated and under the influence,” Radrick said in a tweet thread on Monday, adding that he was told “sh*t would get rough” for him if he refused to comply.

The promotion issued an apology shortly after Radrick recounted his version of events which reads:

We would like to publicly address the incident that occurred on our event on Friday, October 25, 2019. We apologize for our delay in getting this statement out we wanted to first address internally with the involved participants.

Hy Zaya called us and requested to appear on the show as our main event was in the ring, in order to start a “passing of the torch” program with Cole Radrick. We approved the request because we wanted to surprise our crowd.

We did not know Hy Zayak mental state at the time. And as a matter of timing, he went right out to the ring after coming to the building. Although Hy Zaya had not performed for us in over a year, we had worked with Hy Zaya many times in the past, and never had an issue. Unfortunately, the situation was quickly out of control.

As a result Hy Zaya will not [be] appearing on future PPW events moving forward.

We strive to maintain a safe and fun performing environment Unfortunately, we fell short of that goal on Friday. We’ve privately apologized to Cole Radrick, and would now like to do so publicly. Cole should have never been put in that situation. We all consider Cole Radrick to be our friend, a great performer, and a true professional.

We will be making internal changes to prevent matters such as this from occurring again in the future. To start, we will never again allow a talent to appear in any capacity that has not been previously planned out and cleared with all participants.

If any PPW staff member, roster member, or fan has had any other problem at one of shows, please report it to us. We have set-up an anonymous form for staff members, roster members, or fans to provide such feedback. Please visit that form at if you would like to provide comments. We sincerely apologize to Cole Radrick, our fans, and the greater wrestling community for this incident We win learn from it and at better.

A rep for the company tells Wrestling Sheet the footage will be edited out of the official show release.