Priscilla Kelly Defends Viral Tampon Video, “Can’t Take Life So Serious”

priscilla kelly tampon viral video

Mae Young Classic competitor Priscilla Kelly is defending a moment from one of her recent matches in which she pulled a tampon out of her tights and used it on her opponent.

The tampon spot occurred at the end of December during a Suburban Fight event. As seen in the video, Kelly shoves what looks like a used tampon into her opponent’s mouth.

Despite happening one week ago, Gail Kim drew attention to the moment after an apparent subtweet about it. “I’m seeing this post of a women’s match that got disgusting and I’m not gonna repost it Bc it’s seriously a disgrace,” she wrote. “Why??? Whoever thought that was a spot that was gonna get a pop and was worth it….. NO. how about telling a story in the ring with your wrestling instead?

Other tweets from the wrestling community include:

  • Tessa Blanchard: “I am actually disgusted with this.”
  • Jim Ross: “Embarassing….”
  • Angelina Love: “WTF”

Priscilla responded to all the reactions via Twitter, saying: “Hey guys. Ya know, it’s all fake. 21+ show with a bar. Can’t take life so serious all the time. Call me what you will…”

Darby Allin also came to Priscilla’s defense, writing:

Everyone this isn’t the end of the world. Just like Hollywood movies there is all different kinds of entertainment. Look at yer cherished Will Ferrell movies and all the fake gross scenes they do. Everyone doesn’t have to be a puppet and work the same. It’s entertainment chill.

 Watch the video below (at your own risk).

8 Comments on "Priscilla Kelly Defends Viral Tampon Video, “Can’t Take Life So Serious”"

  1. Frankly I could give a flying fokk. The only reason that people are frowning upon this is a) they still have “careers” and want nothing to do this for obvious reasons or b) they got nothing else better to do. I mean how many of these people “outraged” at this, were perfectly OK with the sexual exploitation of women in wrestling. Sable and the black hand prints, HLA, Edge & Lita whatever on RAW. #selectiveoutrage

    • That was weird. Lesbians aren’t weird, a couple isnt weird. As for sexual exploitation. Many forms of entertainment use sex appeal. You don’t think that they use attractive males to attract more women fans???

      Still, I hope my obvious assumption is correct and it was unused and was pretending to get it out.

  2. Will Henderson | January 5, 2019 at 5:49 pm | Reply

    i can see why some wrestlers are mad, this is the kind of immature crass thing you would expect in a show booked by Mr. crass booking himself, Vince Russo, i’m sure Russo would had loved it too.

  3. Bitches be crazy.

  4. I’ve met Priscilla at two different times, in two very different settings and both times she was a sweet, friendly, fan-focused person. The same can’t be said for most of the people hating on her.
    And FYI Gail Kim… those Mom Bottoms you wear are a Disgrace!

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