Prince Puma — Makes Request to Lucha Underground … Let Me Speak!!

Prince Puma ricochet lucha underground talk request season 2

Silence is golden … unless you’re former Lucha Underground champ Prince Puma — a.k.a. Ricochet — who has made the request this season for producers to finally allow his character to talk!

Sources close to the situation tell us Ricochet recently asked the powers that be to let his character speak while discussing plans for the upcoming season — and now he’s scheduled for a meeting with execs later this month to talk about it more in depth, as well as other plans for the future.

We’re told Prince Puma isn’t looking for long monologues, or anything like that — he’s just ready to show his worth on the stick this season, even if it’s in short bursts.

Despite wrestlers Alberto Del Rio and Big Ryck dropping out of Lucha Underground before the second season starts, we’re told Prince Puma is locked into a 3 season deal and ain’t going anywhere.

Now let the man talk, damnit!