Police Dog That Bit Shinsuke Nakamura Still on the Job

shinsuke nakamura dog bite job employed

The police dog who bit Shinsuke Nakamura has caught a break! Authorities say the investigation surrounding the incident has concluded and the pooch is still employed. 

As we previously reported, the K-9 that bit Shinsuke on June 25 is part of the Bakersfield Police Department Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Team. The group was sweeping the arena ahead of a live event when the dog accidentally bit Nakamura in the lower left leg.

Surprisingly, however, a rep for the Bakersfield Police Department tells Pro Wrestling Sheet the animal continued to work during the internal investigation and won’t be removed from the force.

As for whether the dog received any sort of punishment, they won’t say. “We would not release any internal investigation (disciplinary conclusions) information in this case,” Sgt. Brian Holcombe explained. “That is standard across the board for any personnel investigation.”

Police communications reveal authorities called for an ambulance to the area at 3:09 p.m. The detective who made the call requested EMS personnel respond to the training room.

Despite being sidelined with the injury, Nakamura appeared in Japan just days after the bite. He has since returned to the ring on Smackdown Live.

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