Interview with PJ Black on G1 Supercard, ROH in ’19, Re-Learning to Walk and More! (VIDEO)

pj black interview g1 supercard roh wrestling sheet

Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin interviewed ROH’s PJ Black ahead of this weekend’s G1 Supercard PPV.

Topics discussed:

  • Keto cooking
  • Re-learning how to walk again after suffering a serious injury base jumping
  • How yoga and living clean changed his life
  • Why he was dedicated to returning to wrestling after doctors said he’d never do it again
  • Changing his wrestling style
  • Watching Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant lose to wrestlers in South Africa when he was a kid
  • Leaving home at a young age to pursue wrestling
  • His desire to help wrestling in South Africa
  • Who he thought could’ve been a big star in FCW that never had it happen
  • Wrestling Kenny King
  • ROH in 2019 and how he feels more creative freedom there And much more!

G1 Supercard takes place live from Madison Square Garden on April 6. The show can be purchased on PPV or through streaming services Honor Club, NJPW World and FITE TV.

The pre-show, airing for free on Facebook Live, begins at 6:30 pm ET.

Watch the interview with PJ Black below or listen on most major podcast platforms.