Peter Rosenberg Explains Why He’s No Longer on WWE Pre-Show Panels

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It’s been months since Peter Rosenberg has appeared on a WWE pre-show panel, and now the radio host is explaining what happened.

Rosenberg revealed on the latest episode of Cheap Heat that he’s been dealing with some personal things over the past year which led to him no longer traveling for WWE.

“When I came back to WWE and I was ready to work WrestleMania, those who make the decisions on those things — Michael Cole — were no longer interested in using me for that,” he explained. 

“So WrestleMania came to New York City where I’ve been promoting it for four/five months prior, even when I was no longer traveling, and they said, ‘We don’t have a place for you on WrestleMania.’ They couldn’t even squeeze me on that fakakta Watch Along show that has eighty people talking at the same time. Still didn’t have room for me there. Didn’t put me anywhere. Ok.”

Rosenberg then said that he will not be doing pre-shows again because of this, even though he had an amazing time doing them. He also said he’s open to working with WWE Network down the line.

“As much as it sounds like I’m even mad at Cole, not even mad at Cole,” he continued. “Cole and I were never super tight. He’s got the way he sees things. If I don’t fit into that, I don’t care. There’s a lot of things that I don’t … as you can hear, I think the Watch Along show is literally the worst … an embarrassment to the Network.”

Adding, “That’s not a veiled shot at Pat McAfee. I don’t think anyone can do that show and make it good. You can’t have ten people talking at the same time. It’s not good.”

The Cheap Heat host then claims he’ll no longer have to play nice when it comes to analyzing the WWE product and plans to take the gloves off going forward. 

Listen to him explain things for himself in the episode below.