Pete Dunne Responds to Reactions Over New NXT UK Contract Restrictions

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Wrestling Twitter was in a panic yesterday over the reported new NXT UK contract restrictions — but Pete Dunne chimed in to ease tensions.

As we previously reported, several members of the NXT UK roster were apparently offered higher paying deals which prevent them from working for any non-WWE affiliated indie promotions.

Non-WWE contracted wrestlers like Will Ospreay and Mark Haskins saw the funny side. “So who am I allowed to wrestle in the UK now?,” Ospreay tweeted. Haskins used the opportunity to plug his new “Screw Indy Wrestling” t-shirt.

Meanwhile, some NXT UK stars were eager to play down reports that they have been forbidden from working for non-WWE affiliated promotions.

“I’d hardly be able to call myself the Irish Ace if I wasn’t allowed wrestle in my home, for MY people,” Irish wrestler Jordan Devlin wrote. “The Import Killer is here to stay.”

“I’m well and truly blessed to have a twitter feed full of folk who know more about my contract than I do,” a rather snarky Sam Gradwell tweeted — while his colleague Tyson T Bone brushed off the “gossip and speculation.”

But the final say on the matter seemed to come from WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne, who assured UK wrestling fans that everything would be fine.

“British wrestling is safe,” The Bruiserweight tweeted on Tuesday. “Will continue to grow, the talent pool is deep. Your favourite wrestlers are achieving goals and taking steps in their career. Don’t believe everything you read.”

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