Wrestling Legend Perro Aguayo Passes Away at 73-Years-Old

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Lucha legend Perro Aguayo has passed away at the age of 73-years-old. 

Perros del Mal announced Pedro Aguayo’s passing Wednesday evening via Facebook.

AAA confirmed the unfortunate news not long after and Lucha Libre CMLL commented on the wrestling legend’s death, calling him “one of the greatest figures of this sport.”

Aguayo is one of the biggest non-masked draws in the history of Mexican wrestling. Perro also helped establish AAA in the ’90s. His feud with Dos Caras and Konnan was a major box office draw. 

American wrestling fans might be more familiar with Aguayo for the appearance he made in the 1997 Royal Rumble. He appeared in the match alongside other famous luchadors.

We here at The Sheet offer his friends and family our most sincere condolences. 

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