Performance Center Shooting — VIDEO RELEASED … Obsessed Fan Was Asking For a Job

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Disturbing footage has been released of the WWE Performance Center shooting that went down over the summer … showing the obsessed fan shot by police loudly asking for a job outside of the facility.

WFTV obtained cell phone and surveillance video of Armando Montalvo taken moments before the incident which happened in August, and his intentions were clear based on the footage.

Montalvo is seen pounding on the door asking, “Why don’t you train me to become your undisputed, best, NXT wrestler of all f*****g time?” Then — before striking an HBK-like pose — he yelled, “I don’t got no guns. I don’t need no guns. Because I can’t be charged with having these guns.”

Montalvo had a quick stand off with police once they arrived. However once the 29 year-old picked up a rock and charged at one of the officers, he was shot in the chest and taken to a nearby hospital.

According to Click Orlando, Armando bonded out of jail after he was released from the hospital and was ordered to stay away from the Performance Center. They also spoke with his father, who says his son suffers from Bipolar Disorder, is manic depressive and needs help.

His trial is set for sometime in February