WWE Eyeing New, Bigger Performance Center … According to Bobby Roode

wwe performance center bobby roode interview new bigger facility

As WWE continues to grow its developmental system, the company is now apparently looking to build a bigger Performance Center — at least that’s what Bobby Roode has heard.

Roode made the comments during an interview for Pro Wrestling Sheet conducted by Allen Balint of KARK-TV in Little Rock.  Roode visited the station this morning to promote tonight’s RAW.

“From what I hear, it’s [Performance Center] going to continue to grow.  I heard that they’re looking to build a new facility — a larger facility,” Roode noted.

Roode said WWE’s future is in great hands with the current system and NXT brand.  Much like John Cena, “The Glorious One” pointed to Velveteen Dream as a success story from Orlando.

“Dream is one guy that I think had a huge upside,” Roode said.  “He has a ton of athletic ability and just gets it.  He’s very in tune with his character — which is huge — especially on the main roster.”

Roode also noted challenges associated with transitioning from NXT to WWE.  He says it didn’t take long to notice “hardcore” fans were replaced by casual watchers and families.  Keeping that in mind — and the fact everyone was singing along to his theme — WWE management saw Roode as a babyface.  That was a big change from his heel run at NXT.

“It’s a different world on the main roster.  It really is,” said Roode.  “Different people see you as different things.  The glorious song and the glorious entrance — people really love.  It’s one of those things where the character has to adapt that.”

While others have challenged the locker room — even going as far as labeling people complacent — Roode was quick to defend his peers.

“It’s a good locker room.  For the most part, everybody is really cool. They want to have the best show possible and everybody wants to have the best match.  I think that’s the way it should be: that competitiveness.”

Listen to the full interview below.