WATCH: Pentagon Jr. Used Baseball Bat to Drill Spike Into Sami Callihan’s Head

pentagon jr bat sami callihan head spike video slammiversary

The Slammiversary XVI battle between Sami Callihan and Pentagon Jr. was intense … especially when Pentagon drilled a spike into his opponent’s head via baseball bat.

Impact Wrestling‘s annual PPV took place on Sunday from Toronto and was met with rave reactions online, including praise for Pentagon vs. Callihan in a mask vs hair match. 

Things got extreme, however, once Sami interjected some spikes into the mix.

As you’ll see in the video below, Callihan drew the first blood … but it was Pentagon who got the last laugh when he used Sami’s baseball bat to drill the spike into his opponent’s dome piece.

For those wondering, Pentagon Jr won the match and shaved Sami bald.

NOTE: If you watch the footage slowly, it looks like the bat hit Callihan in the face upon first try.