WWE Payback ’17 Predictions And Analysis: ‘Educated Guessing’ With James McKenna

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Educated Guessing is back! This time Wrestling Sheet reporter James McKenna attempts to pick the winners for tonight’s Payback PPV.

After pulling off a miracle at WrestleMania and going an INSANE 12/1 with my predictions — screw you creative for not letting Miz go 2-0 vs. Cena at the show of shows — I’ve now returned to bestow my choices for the ill-booked Payback event upon all of you. Let’s get to it!


Enzo & Cass vs. Gallows and Anderson

I honestly can’t remember the last time that Enzo & Cass both walked out of a pay-per-view with a win. Payback is as throwaway as it gets though, so they might as well start here.

Enzo gets to leave early for date night with some Georgia Gold.

Educated Guess: Enzo & Cass

Payback Main Card

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

Neville (C) vs Austin Aries

This just feels like a wasted opportunity at this point regarding Aries. Dude comes out looking like a champ, gets built up a bunch, then — a loss to Neville. Winning this thing at Payback does Austin zero favors anyway … because only a minimal amount of eyes will be watching.

I say WWE holds back on hitting the gas all the way with Aries and reboots him for a run at the Cruiserweight title near SummerSlam. Until then, I think ADRIAN Neville (he’s a heel – call him by his first name people) runs roughshod over 205 Live.

Educated Guess: ADRIAN Neville

Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe

Is it just me or does all this seem idled out? Going into Mania, both of these guys were swinging for the fences. Now Seth feels like stalled momentum. I am looking for them to position Rollins in a long-drawn out war with Samoa Joe and I don’t see them letting Joe win round one.

Educated Guess: Seth Rollins

Raw Tag Team Championship

The Hardy Boyz (C) vs Cesaro & Sheamus

The weird thing is that I really want Cesaro & Sheamus to win the titles since they were heading in that direction before the brothers came back. The facts are this though: the Hardyz have to be one of, if not the top, merch sellers in WWE right now and there is no way you stifle that momentum.

Educated Guess: Hardy Boyz

United States Championship Match

Kevin Owens (C) vs Chris Jericho

After a beautifully thought out sequence at Mania that featured Jericho missing out by a fingertip, the rematch happens at Payback. Despite the tease of Y2J on SmackDown Live, we know Jericho takes a vacation soon for a Fozzy tour and Owens is RED hot as the face of America. I would love to see Chris get the title back, but I don’t think it’s in the cards tonight.

Educated Guess: Kevin Owens

House Of Horrors Match

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt


I would write a longer paragraph on this one, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they’re giving Bray a win here. Does Jinder get involved too? I hope so. #HouseOfJinder

Educated Guess: Bray Wyatt

Raw Women’s Championship Match

Bayley (C) vs Alexa Bliss

Alexa has been on fire since moving to a new show and instantly establishing that she has the best promo work Raw’s Women’s division has seen in a long time. Bayley has been fun as champ, but something tells me WWE knows they have something big with Bliss and take advantage of it tonight.

Let her blissful reign begin.

Educated Guess: Alexa Bliss 

Braun Strownman vs Roman Reigns

Wow, an absolute monster and WWE have actually done a half decent job of positioning him as such. IMAGINE IF BRAUN WAS STILL UNDEFEATED THOUGH?!

Regardless, I am enjoying the “you beat me so now I must destroy you” vibe that Braun is giving off. It’s very cool and really getting me excited for a hoss battle with Brock. I’m guessing this feud goes a few months and sadly ends in an ambulance match (c’mon, he flipped one). This battle NEEDS to go Braun’s way tonight though and I think they let it happen.

Educated Guess: Braun Strowman

Sound off in the comments below and tell us if you agree or disagree with each pick!