Additional Details on Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff’s New Roles in WWE

paul heyman eric bischoff wwe raw smackdown executive director

Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff will be taking over Raw and SmackDown behind the scenes, but we’re told the change will be slow … not immediate.

According to sources, the plan is for both Heyman and Bischoff to slowly assimilate into their new roles before being given full control to oversee the creative development of their shows.

As we previously reported, Heyman will be Executive Director of Raw and Bischoff will be Executive Director of SmackDown Live. Heyman/Bischoff will still be answering to Vince McMahon in their new positions, as we’re told EVERYTHING will still be run through McMahon at this point.

When we inquired as to whether the ultimate goal of this move is to allow Vince McMahon the ability to step back a little — possibly in preparation for the XFL’s relaunch — sources told us this decision had “nothing to do with the XFL,” and that only time will tell if Vince’s ultimate plan here is to have the ability to take a step back.

According to PWInsider, WWE has been trying to bring Heyman aboard for months and finally came to terms recently. Bischoff’s deal was reportedly worked on over the past few weeks.

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