WATCH: Patton Oswalt Gives Passionate Defense of Wrestling After Hearing It Called “Fake”

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While one comedian made headlines this month for trashing wrestling, stand-up veteran Patton Oswalt went in a different direction on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

It all began after Oswalt and Rogan got into a discussion about politicians no longer seeming invincible on the “The Joe Rogan Experience,” leading the host to make a wrestling analogy.

“We’re not under the illusion anymore that they’re not real people. It’s almost like when they had to admit that WWE was fake,” Rogan said. “It’s like, okay, now we can just enjoy it for what it is. You don’t have to have these arguments with your friends over whether or not it’s fake.”

This prompted Oswalt to get a little hot under the collar and lay down a fiery promo.

“Yes, it’s scripted. But it’s scripted mayhem and destruction,” Patton said in defense of wrestling. “They are scripting out these men and women going ‘in this script, you are going to fall 40 feet onto a table of glass.’ Yes, we scripted that to happen. But it’s still a person doing that. There is a level of adrenaline junkie-ness and athleticism that goes beyond, I think, athletics. So when people are like, ‘yeah, wrestling’s fake,’ yeah … no sh*t.”

He then goes on to compare it to stunts in movies and says people calling it “fake” need to have their definitions of the word tweaked a little bit in this case.

Rogan, to his credit, was able to meet him in the middle. “It’s definitely scripted. It’s not like they’re risking it all because they don’t know what the outcome is going to be. It’s different than an actual athletic event. But it’s still pretty badass what they’re able to do. They don’t get enough credit for it, either,” he said.

Oswalt then continued to gush about the insane lifestyle of a professional wrestler, which when you think about it, doesn’t sound too dissimilar from that of a traveling stand-up. “Different time zones, bad jet lag, bad food. These people that have to be in peak physical condition under the worst conditions to maintain that,” he said. Alright, maybe not that last part.

Watch their wrestling conversation below.