Pro Wrestling Sheet Patreon Update, New Perks Available Now

patreon pro wrestling sheet update perks

Pro Wrestling Sheet has made some changes to our Patreon page and we’d be honored if you gave a look at the new perks we’re offering.

Hey all, Senior News Producer James McKenna here (aka @chillhartman).

We here at The Sheet strive to give you an experience that is concise and gunk free. No pay walls to access important information, no messy needing of login information. Just a simple free site where we cover a medium we know and love by attempting to cover it like a sport.

In the past year, we like to think we have been successful at this — as we’ve been sourced by major publications like ESPN and Fox Sports by breaking some of the biggest stories in wrestling.

In order to accomplish this, we mainly self-fund the site (beyond obvious advertisements) which limits the amount of expansion we can accomplish at any given time. In order to combat this, we have updated our Patreon to really give us a push into 2018 and we would be honored if you checked it out.

If you can’t subscribe, don’t worry, we still overwhelmingly appreciate your support and plan to give you a free experience to the best of our capabilities. That said, if you have the means to contribute, we cannot state how appreciated it would be. It helps us keep the lights on and allows us to expand.

Some of the new perks include:

  • Invite to the PRIVATE Pro Wrestling Sheet Facebook group
  • Pro Wrestling Sheet sticker
  • PWS Shirt and random wrestling merch after 3-months of patronage
  • And more!

Plus, we’ll be unveiling plans for weekly video content ASAP. (We’re just waiting on the equipment)

Click this link to check out our Patreon!