Pat McAfee Reflects on NXT Debut, Calls Match a Bucket List Moment (VIDEO)

pat mcafee show nxt takeover debut wrestling bucket list

Pat McAfee discussed wrestling at NXT TakeOver: XXX on his show today and said he was happy to finally cross this item off his bucket list.

McAfee began the segment of the show by talking about his love of wrestling growing up and how he always felt like it was a world he belonged in.

“I always had these seeds that I was supposed to wrestle,” he said. “Even as an adult, my lady and I, we try to watch literally every single wrestling show that’s on television. Just because it’s such a combination of things and I think a lot of people got a chance to see that whenever they dove into the NXT run that I had here over the last couple of weeks. That wrestling is just so much more than just wrasslin. It’s emotion. It’s drama. It’s comedy. It’s athletics. It’s everything that I feel like I’ve been attracted to for my entire life.”

“The fact that I got to get into the ring on Saturday was a moment that I thought about, like … hey, this is something I’m gonna remember on my death bed,” McAfee added. “When you wrestle for a TakeOver on NXT, it’s the best wrestling shows that happen. So I understood that there was gonna be massive amounts of pressure. Massive amount of hype. Massive amount of everything because TakeOver, especially a monumental one like TakeOver: XXX, is a big deal.”

“I end up with the loss, but boy … what a bucket list item to go and say, yeah, I got a chance to do something I always thought I was supposed to do and I enjoyed the living hell out of it.”

Regarding the initial negative reaction to his involvement from some fans, McAfee stated: 

As soon as Mr. H made this a match at TakeOver, I saw a lot of people on the internet just start burying me. I was getting buried by people that I thought I was a part of their community. I follow all the dirt sheets. I follow all the big time people, because I am a wrestling fan. And I’m just watching all these people just bury me. I’m like, ‘man, you guys have no idea!’ Honestly. Now, the cliche about punters and kickers is they’re not very athletic, obviously. And all that stuff. But I think if you just watch not even half of a game of my career, I’m a little bit different than I think a lot of people. I hoped that a lot of people got to see that. Although I wanted this thing to end quick, I think we had a hell of a show out there.

Pat also said he’s unsure if he’ll wrestle again due to his schedule, but former WWE VP of Global Television Production Michael Mansury (who is now an Executive Producer at Pat McAfee Inc.) pondered the reaction his new boss would get in front of a live WWE audience.

Watch the full show below.