WATCH: Pat McAfee Punts Adam Cole After Calling Him a ‘Tiny, Itty-Bitty, Short, Little Bitch’

pat mcafee punt punts adam cole nxt wwe video

The feud between Adam Cole and Pat McAfee escalated this week after the former NFL player punted the NXT star to close the show.

As you’ll recall, this began last month after Cole stormed out of an interview with McAfee. Pat was then announced for tonight’s edition of NXT and tweeted this afternoon upon arrival making it look like things had been settled between he and the former NXT champion.

However, when Pat sat in on commentary for the main event tag match tonight between Undisputed Era and Imperium, he continued to say disparaging remarks about Adam just feet away from him.

Near the end of the match, Cole walked over the announce desk to get angry with Pat for talking trash about him the entire time. He then challenged McAfee to do something causing referees and officials (including Triple H/Shawn Michaels) to keep them apart.

Pat acted as though he was going to leave, but came back and called Cole a tiny, itty-bitty, short, little bitch, then started to walk away. Instead of leaving though, he ran back and punted Adam in the head leaving him lying on the floor while Pat was kicked out of the building.

Watch the big punt below.