Pat McAfee Accepts Challenge to Wrestle Adam Cole at NXT TakeOver: XXX

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Triple H’s challenge for Pat McAfee to wrestle Adam Cole at NXT TakeOver: XXX has been accepted via beachside promo. 

As we previously reported, Triple H threw out the challenge to McAfee this morning after the former NFL player punted Cole on Wednesday’s edition of NXT.

Pat accepted the challenge hours later in a video he took on his honeymoon.

“Triple H goes on ‘Get Up’ with Mike Greenberg and starts talking about how Adam Cole wants to challenge me to a fight at NXT TakeOver: XXX on August 22nd. That’s two weeks,” he said. “Two weeks to fight a guy whose been wrestling for twelve years. A guy who’s the longest-reigning NXT Champion. A guy whose been there, done that, with everything. What have I been doing? Oh, I dunno. Kicking-off Super Bowls. Running businesses, podcasting, radio shows, merch companies, being a standup comic, taking care of everyone one of my family members and my friends, and figuring things out as I go.”

“Two weeks is not a lot of time to learn how to keep up with somebody whose been doing something for over a decade. But two weeks is enough time to find enough anger inside of me. To find enough motivation to beat the sh*t out of Adam Cole. I’ll figure it out. August 22nd is gonna be a problem for the guy who once called himself ‘The King of NXT.’ And Triple H, you said you’re gonna be able to make me famous? Well your biggest guy is about to get made famous and it’s going to be for eating another right foot to the mouth! I accept.”

Watch the video below.