Paige — My Submission Sorority Complaints Were Ignored (VIDEO)

WWE Diva Paige says she was fully aware of a porn series called Submission Sorority before her stable debuted with the same name — but when the 23 year-old tried to warn producers, she was given the cold shoulder.

During a recent Q&A session at Chicago Wizard World, The former Divas Champion was quick to put WWE producers on blast for giving her team with Charlotte and Becky Lynch the name Submission Sorority — which was changed a day later because a porn series was already using it.

Paige said, “I did tell them! You don’t wanna be called Submission Sorority. But no one listens to me.”

She adds, “I literally looked it up (their name) and I was like … well, there it is. Probably shouldn’t use it. Definitely told people. No one payed attention to me … cause then there’s a huge line outside of Vince’s office.”

Paige also reveals the names she pitched for their group — which were 10 times better.

Check out the video.