Paige is No Longer the General Manager of SmackDown

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Despite an entertaining run as the General Manager of SmackDown Live, Paige has been relieved of her duties on the show.

Shane McMahon kicked off SmackDown in the backstage area giving a speech to the roster about how things are going to be changing, just like what was said on Raw. He also explained that wrestlers will now be held accountable for what happens on the show every week.

He then brought Paige forward and praised her work as GM, but confirmed she’d be getting a new position on the show. It was not said what that would be quite yet.

The 26-year-old was assigned to the role in April after announcing her in-ring retirement. 

This is all part of Vince McMahon and family announcing they’d be taking back control of Raw/SmackDown and shaking things up. 

We’ll keep you updated once more information on Paige’s new job is revealed.

4 Comments on "Paige is No Longer the General Manager of SmackDown"

  1. Broadcast team?!!!

  2. Kiwassa Lou DiFigliano | December 20, 2018 at 11:52 am | Reply

    Thank god. I hope they mean it when they say no more gm’s.
    The authorities have run their course. It’s time to at least present things as a somewhat real sporting event like it used to be many, Many years ago.

  3. Hopefully, Paige does not go flaky after this. She was doing so well.

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