Paige to Alberto El Patron: “Don’t Make Fun of Someone with Mental Health Issues” (AUDIO)

WWE star Paige has responded to former fiancé Alberto El Patron taking a shot at her mental health last month on social media, saying his comments hurt her feelings. 

The SD Live GM made the comments during an interview with Lilian Garcia on the latest episode of “Chasing Glory.” During the conversation, Garcia brought up the post in which Del Rio compared his current girlfriend to Paige and said this one hasn’t been “committed in 2 mental hospitals.”

“Don’t make fun of someone who has mental health issues,” Paige said. “Because he knew at that point how depressed and how, like I was on rock bottom, and how I wanted to kill myself. He knew all that stuff. So to throw that out there like that — it’s pretty mean.”

Paige has gone on record about the dark spell she experienced after her XXX footage leaked online. That was followed by a tumultuous break-up with Del Rio that included a handful of incidents where police were called. The couple was engaged to be married but separated in 2017.

“I thought over a year of us not being together, I never expected him to bring me up again. So, I was just like, I’m not even going to respond to that right now,” she added.

Paige also says she didn’t immediately respond because she didn’t want Del Rio to know it hurt her.

“You don’t talk like that about a women — especially on the Internet for everyone to see. Just keep your mouth shut,” she told Garcia. “If you don’t like me, that’s fine. We haven’t had any contact for over a year. It baffles me.”

She went on to say she’s in a good place now and the happiest she’s been in quite sometime. Paige said she’s enjoyed using her personal experience to help other women who are struggling.

Paige also talks about her in-ring career ending during the full interview and so much more. 

Check it out.