Owen Hart’s Widow Explains Why She Won’t Allow Him in WWE Hall of Fame

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Owen Hart’s widow Martha has explained her reasoning for not allowing his induction in the WWE Hall of Fame, saying the event is put on for profit only and doesn’t have a physical home.

Speaking with CBS Sports, Martha Hart touched on the conversation which seems to arise every year about the possibility of Owen being inducted. As you’ll recall, Mark Henry even made a public plea to Martha during his Hall of Fame speech in 2018 asking her to allow it to happen.

“There’s always been this talk that, ‘Oh, we want to put Owen in the Hall of Fame,'” she said. “Their Hall of Fame? They don’t even have a Hallway of Fame. It doesn’t exist. There’s nothing. It’s a fake entity. There’s nothing real or tangible. It’s just an event they have to make money. They put it on TV and have a celebration, and it’s just so ridiculous. I would never even entertain it. It’s garbage.”

Martha has instead chosen to memorialize Owen through a foundation in his name.

Her insistence on the WWE Hall of Fame aside, Hart admits she’s forgiven Vince McMahon for Owen’s death in 1999 at the Over the Edge pay-per-view and everything that happened after.

“At the end of it all, I’ve forgiven all of them, really,” she told the publication. “The Hart family, Vince McMahon, I don’t hold any grudges. I hope life has been kind to all of them. My life hasn’t been easy, and I certainly wouldn’t wish harm on anyone.”

“Some damage in life is irreparable. You can’t fix it. It’s done. Again, you can forgive people, but it doesn’t mean you have to befriend them and be associated with them. At the same time, I don’t wish them any harm, and I hope their lives turned out well. That’s the casualties of war. They made their choices and have to live with them.”

“Dark Side of the Ring: The Final Days of Owen Hart” premieres Tuesday night on VICE. 

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  1. The Leviathan | May 18, 2020 at 6:39 pm | Reply

    That’s going to be good.

  2. Martha Hart everyone is in the WWE Hall of fame including brother Bret the Hitman Hart Jim the Anvil Neidhart and now the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith plus Stu Hart is in it so it was an opportunity but I guess not now and you have to go out on WWE TV and say your sorry now to the mcmahon family yourself

  3. Martha Hart you know on who else is in the WWE Hall of Fame Edge he got trained in the Hart Dungeon plus Natalya Neidhart is on Raw and she is getting upset that she can’t pull off a victory over some wrestlers like Shayna Baszler Ronda Rousey and more

  4. Martha Hart Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey came a different backround also called the UFC and that may be different on why she is struggling against those two

  5. Martha Hart Corey Graves has respect for the wrestlers that have passed away like Owen Hart Jim the Anvil Neidhart and so on

  6. Martha Hart Owen Hart when he passed away in WCW these two had a match and this person is dead also now Bret the Hitman Hart vs the Cannadian Crippler Chris Benoit and that was a very good match chris benoit came home on drugs and his wife and children didn’t know this and he killed his wife and children and then he took his own life away Benoit had a drug problem he was addicted

  7. Martha Hart the Ultimate Warrior passed away and that was dana Warrior’s husband

  8. Martha Hart Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker have been having lower back and spinal cord problems even tho they both want to come back to wrestling in the ring

  9. Martha Hart Dixie Carter and the carter family own TNA Total Nonstop Action wrestling and they are having a hard time getting back on TV

  10. Martha Hart your husband Owen Hart if it wasn’t for that freak accident in where it was Owen Hart’s idea in coming down on a cable thing in the first place because he was watching WCW and he saw Sting do that

  11. the cable will hold somebody if they aren’t that heavy but it depends on how strong the cable is also the cable that Owen Hart used obviously wasn’t that strong of a cable and they should have checked that out before hand because if cable’s are weak they won’t hold up to anyone

  12. Vince Mcmahon said if Owen Hart’s children want to become a wrestler like daddy was in there’s they can

  13. Martha Hart I am sure Bret the Hitman Hart and Natalya would be happily to start up a hart dungeon somewhere’s to train people in like Stu Hart had in the basement

  14. Martha Hart Ronda Rousey wasn’t trained write for this wrestling thing and neither was Baszler so if they were both Trained by Bret the Hitman Hart and Natalya in there own Hart Dungeon that would be the right way to be trained alot of people came up through Stu Hart’s Dungeon into wrestling

  15. Stu Hart’s Hart family Dungeon wasn’t that easy to get trained in you had to work very hard in it and he did train alot of people in it all of the brothers and brother in laws and Chris Benoit Edge Christian Lance Storm Chris Jericho Abdullah the Butcher Greg the Hammer Valentine Gorilla Monsoon Jake the Snake Roberts Gene Anderson Jushin Thunder Liger Fritz Von Erich Steve Blackman Mark Henry Rowdy Roddy Piper Brian Pillman just to name a few there is more on the list

  16. Martha Hart the transition from another sport to another sport isn’t easy for Ronda and Shayna and alot of people know this they have Karate in them UFC in them the Olympics in them but not wrestling backround wise they would like to learn but from people that know on what they are doing and that is what alot of people need to become a wrestler is that backround of training

  17. Martha Hart some of the UFC moves you could really hurt someone just by doing them in the wrestling buisiness

  18. Martha Hart when Brock Lesnar came back to the WWE from the UFC he at first thought it was ok to use the UFC moves and holds on people and he hurt quite a few people in doing so

  19. Martha Hart Brock Lesnar was strong like a body builder when he first arrived in the WWE and look at his arms now and thighs now and biceps now they are huge and bigger than any other wrestler

  20. Martha Hart anyone that gets Brock Lesnar very mad is just plain crazy and nuts if I were wrestlers I would say I want him as a friend and not as a enemy

  21. Martha Hart but tthere is one wrestler that many people are very concerned about in the wrestling buisiness and that is Gangrel everyone saw on what he looked like in the lite and it looked like he was dying just being in the lite since he is a real vampire

  22. Martha Hart Gangrel even fought against your husband in the WWF days

  23. Martha Hart Gangrel used to carry around blood with him to drink so he didn’t bite anyone else in wrestling federations

  24. Martha Hart when Shayna Baszler first appeared on WWE Raw from NXT she targeted Becky Lynch and attacked her from behind and she bit the back of Becky Lynch’s neck and everyone learned on what she was a vampire but didn’t have the fangs a vampire has Becky Lynch beat her when she wrestled her

  25. woodworth you need to shut up

  26. Martha Hart if the WWE were to put your husband in the WWE Hall of Fame would you accept on his behalf

  27. louie james woodworth shut the fuck up…stop spamming the fucking thing

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