Will Ospreay Set to Wrestle Amazing Red in NJPW’s Super J-Cup

amazing red will ospreay njpw super j-cup

Will Ospreay’s campaign to get a match against Amazing Red before the indie legend retires can now be considered a success.

New Japan released the full list of Super J-Cup competitors on Tuesday showing Amazing Red and Will Ospreay will go head-to-head in the first round of the tournament.

As you may recall, Red alluded on Twitter to being interested in having his final match with Ospreay back in June during the Best of the Super Juniors finals. Will replied saying he’d come out to America for a match against Amazing Red, who he was heavily influenced by.

Red vs. Ospreay will now officially take place on August 22 in Seattle. 

The full list of matches and competitors in NJPW’s Super J-Cup can be found below.

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